5 thoughts on “It’s cold outside!

  1. Kerry

    Kids need fresh air! Bundle them up and go outside for a few minutes to run, jump, etc. For inside play, go the local McDonald’s and play in their playroom. And, of course, attend your P.A.T. program’s group meetings!

  2. Christi

    I’m finding myself browsing online for storytime with Elmo, new coloring pages, live trivia and new MP3 files of child sing-alongs… It’s so funny to hear my 3-year-old ask to get on the “puter” to see Little Einsteins, Dora and some of her other interactive friends.

  3. Lynn

    My 2 year old daughter LOVES “helping” out in the kitchen, so we bake cookies. I give her specific jobs to do– such as unwrapping the stick of butter, and putting Parch. Paper down on the cookie sheets. She can crack the eggs by herself (as long as I don’t mind picking a few stray eggshells out of the bowl) and drop the cookie batter onto the tray. It has become a favorite weekend activity. It’s wonderful ‘together time’ – and every time she sees the plate of cookies in the kitchen, she proudly says “I made those!”

  4. Jan

    Bring snow inside! I spread a plactic tablecloth on the floor and bring in a tub of snow. I give the kids plastic cups, spoons and other kitchen items and let them play in the snow. They wear mittens for a while and then end up taking them off. They love it!

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