Tagging along with Parents as Teachers

Recently a St. Louis TV station tagged along with Jan Lee, a Parents as Teachers parent educator in the Bayless School District. You can watch the visit on KSDK’s web site . Her program visits with 500 families each year and Jan had asked local businesses to help her program buy books for the children they visit. Can you believe it? No one responded! Not to be deterred, she approached the local Kiwanis Club who took up the challenge. Yeay, Jan! And yeay, Kiwanis!


2 thoughts on “Tagging along with Parents as Teachers

  1. Gina Siebe

    The community in which Bayless Parents as Teachers serves is heavy populated with Bosnian, Croatian, Hispanic and Asian families. This creates a unique challenge for Parent Educators. At this time the small district serves approximately 150 diverse families. Jan Lee, Angie Kahle, Susan Efken, Goya Antovic and Deanna Chafin, all Parent Educators, have developed strong and lasting relationships with their families. Not only do they provide parents with information regarding their child’s development, but provide resources families would not ordinarily have access. It is not unusual for books, diapers, or clothing to be provided for families and teens in need. Our children experience a seamless transition from PAT to Bayless Preschool to Kindergarten. Recent data demonstrates a strong correlation between successful academic performance and a PAT/Preschool experience. Students who had an early childhood experience at Bayless are out performing their peers in grades three and four. I am extremely proud of our program and the fine efforts of our Parent Educators.

  2. emine guler

    I am an international mom from Turkey. Some of the main problems we have in USA is transportation and language. When you have just one car as most of the international families do due to financial barriers the moms cannot move anywhere even though they want to attend educational programs or join play dates etc. Thus, these type of home visits provided by parent as teacher educators are extremely important for international moms and their kids. I hope everyone supports these programs.

    Thanks to everyone in this organization.

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