Funny what a little sun can do for the spirits

Maybe it’s because this is the first sunny day we’ve had in what seems like forever (!) but I just had the best conversation with Ed and Marisol! Marisol is the parent educator featured in my March 18 post about Spanish-speaking parents. She’s been doing an amazing job of getting the word out about this program in the Kansas City metro area. Today she brought together Ed Reyes, station manager with Reyes Media Group, and me to explore additional strategies. After all, she can’t do it by herself!

As a former PAT dad himself, Ed’s a strong supporter and had some excellent ideas. He’s also willing to share the ‘sweat equity’ which gives him points with me!

We need more community players like this who are willing to step up and partner with Parents as Teachers National Center to help parents know who we are and what we can do for them.