A conversation about the future

Parents as Teachers is coming up on a milestone anniversary next year, so it was only fitting that when Sue Stepleton, president of Parents as Teachers National Center, visited in Chicago with Ben Tanzer, director of strategic communications at Prevent Child Abuse America last week, she talked not only about the role of Parents as Teachers in promoting healthy parenting (a key component of child abuse prevention), but also shared three hopes for the future:

  • that every child will have good family support and parent education
  • that issues related to children and families rise in the national conversation and become part of the national strategy for a healthy, productive country
  • that parent and family support programs fully embrace new communication strategies to reach young families

Listen to the full 10-minute podcast here, then tell us what you think: what do you think organizations like Parents as Teachers will be facing in 5, 10 or 25 years?

Prevent Child Abuse America podcast with Sue Stepleton