A parent educator tells her story

I work in the National Center for Parents as Teachers, but the real work of this organization is done locally by thousands of parent educators working with hundreds of thousands of families across the nation. Here’s what one of them had to say as she told her story in StoryFront

“I have been a Parents as Teachers program employee for over 13 years. Presently, I am a Lead Parent Educator. In this role, I am assigned a “team” of parent educators that I mentor and support. My “real job” is working with families at my own assigned school site.

“My families strive to be the best that they can. I love having the opportunity to become part of my families as their parent educator, or as they refer to me, “la maestra” (the teacher). I used to try to tell them that I was not a teacher, but finally gave up. It is with great respect and affection that they use the term. When my children progress to pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, the early childhood staff recognizes and values the difference their Parents as Teachrs participation makes in school readiness. They all seem to have an edge on many skills that other children do not as they enter school. I have great pride in the hard work of my families to reach those milestones.

“Aside from working with their children and supporting their development, I promote parent involvement and strong participation in their children’s education. My parents join the school’s parent groups and are in the school often. This year, our school principal has recognized that her Parents as Teachers parents are a great resource for school staff as positions become available. Two parents have been hired as a PK classroom instructional assistant and a parent liaison. Ms. Williams acknowledges that their contributions as school volunteers, supportive parents, and education advocates make them perfect candidates. Everyone wins as the parents take their place within our school staff family! I have added to this to the list of ways that my families make me proud. I am truly proud to be a parent educator!” Signed, Dolores

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