Goodbye and good luck, Brianne!

We sent Brianne back to college today. She’s been interning with our Marketing Communications team this summer so today we took her to lunch to say thanks and farewell. The four of us MarComm staffers are all over 40; Brianne is…well, let’s just say when we took her to Mount Pleasant Winery a few weekends ago we had to check to make sure she was legal!

Anyway, the conversation turned to cell phones and text messaging. None of us oldsters text; it’s just not in our blood. Julie told us about a recent news item describing some of the dumb things people do while texting and we all laughed. 

But we were surprised when Brianne told us she actually had her service provider turn off this feature! What?! A 20-something who doesn’t text?! It’s the spelling and lack of punctuation, Brie explained. It drives her nuts! We all agreed and wondered if it’s not having some detrimental effect on kids’ grammar and spelling skills (we’re communications professionals after all!). When she gets back to school, though, she’ll have to reactivate her text messaging, Brie told us. It’s how most colleges today notify students of on-campus emergencies. Wow, we oldsters said sadly.

Brianne, you did a yeoman’s work for Parents as Teachers National Center in the short time you were with us. We hope you learned as much from us and we did from you. We know you have a great future ahead of you. (And watch for your samples in the mail!)


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  1. Brianne

    Aww, thanks everybody! I had a great time this summer and will miss you all! Thanks for the experience (and lunches) I gained from this summer! And I’ll be watching my mail!

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