Where the heck is Eufaula and what does it have to do with our future?

Ever hear of Eufaula, Alabama? Neither had I until I read the article by Tiffiny Woo in the Eufaula Tribune about Bob Powers, a city councilman there. According to Mr. Powers, the economic future begins in early childhood and he’s been on a major advocacy kick for Eufaula’s pre-kindergarten program. He’s spoken at regional and national events, to business people, and to government agencies in the nation’s capitol. Do you think he knows there are 19 Parents as Teachers programs in his state?

How many others put early education into workforce development discussions? Isn’t long-range planning a basic business strategy? Shouldn’t we be building tomorrows workforce from the ground up?

Even if you don’t live in Eufaula, let Bob Powers know you support his efforts. For that matter, let your own councilman, state legislators and Congressmen know, too. After all, it’s your future, too.