Waiting for Parents as Teachers

Twenty Kansas families are on the waiting list for Parents as Teachers services in and around Clay Center, according to an article in The Dispatch On-line. Apparently funding has not kept pace with the demand for services, so at least 20 families are missing out on home visits from parent educators who could be bringing them information on their children’s development…group meetings where they could be learning from other parents…and early childhood screenings which could be detecting health, hearing, vision and developmental delays.

Sure, some of these families might find similar services elsewhere, such as Early Head Start. But as program supervisor Laurie Logan noted, her Parents as Teachers program has no income qualifiers. As a result, all kinds of families are involved: from teachers and business people to teen moms. None of them received an instruction manual with their child!

It’s great that the Kansas Board of Education and local school districts provide basic funding. But when 20 families in this area alone are waiting for services, what other funding resources might be tapped?


1 thought on “Waiting for Parents as Teachers

  1. mary ellen lollie

    If only we just had 20 families waiting. We currently have over 100 referrals witing to participate and more come daily. We now are facing additional cuts from NYS…all primary prevention services funding is scheduled to be cut! Wow, we all have to work diligently to find ways to support families with young children.

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