So I went to this seminar about storytelling…

Actually, it was a seminar about the philanthropic landscape of 2008. Although an important topic, what I really wanted to know is why storytelling has become such a critical link between nonprofit organizations, grantmakers, donors and the community.

Parents as Teachers National Center has been banking stories for over a year now through our StoryFront initiative…stories from our parent educators telling us about the amazing families and children they serve…stories from parents telling us about the challenges they have overcome with their young children, thanks to Parents as Teachers.  So now what?

As a marketer, I already knew the value of such stories, but I guess I didn’t realize just how important they have become, especially in an economy where the needs are growing faster than the resouces can support them. Organizations seeking support are increasingly and effectively using stories to reach their donor base, grantmakers, community…you. Why? Becuase we want to hear about meaningful work we can champion. And it’s stories of change that resonate.

As Parents as Teachers approaches its 25th anniversary in 2009, our stories of change will obviously take the lead as we work to communicate the success of Parents as Teachers to key influencers at the national, state and local level.  

Do you have a story to share to help us build a community of early childhood advocates? How does your program currently use storytelling to achieve funding and awareness goals in your community?