Parents say the nicest things!

In 1982 our first child was born. I had just graduated from University of Missouri – St. Louis with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, however I didn’t know the first thing about children! I was scared I would “do something” wrong to hurt my child’s development. Somehow I was connected to Parents as Teachers. At that time it was called New Parents As First Teachers, or something like that. We eagerly awaited home visits and I loved the encouragement we received from our parent educator. The best part was the ‘home made’ toys. We were young and couldn’t afford fancy new toys for our daughter. Parents as Teachers made it OK to have inexpensive toys. Time passes so quickly! My daughter is now a mother and uses the same activities with her own children.


This week I am attending the Born to Learn Institute training at the National Headquarters. I am becoming certified to be a parent educator! I cannot express my gratitude to Parents as Teachers for its guidance and encouragement over the years. What a rewarding opportunity to help parents become their child’s best and most important teacher. [signed: Vicki]