Birthday wishes

Our office has this tradition of announcing staff birthdays over the intercom in the morning. Today was my turn to be ‘recognized’. Yesterday (my actual birthday), when I noted to my friend that my celebration was rather low-key, she nodded solemnly and replied, “Well, when you’ve had so many…”  😉

The doughnuts with the funny little pumpkin-head toothpicks my colleagues surprised me with this morning reminded me to make a wish. Why not wish big?

Make Parents as Teachers services available to all families so all parents have the information, support and encouragement they need to help to help their children develop during the crucial early years.

What would your birthday wish be?


1 thought on “Birthday wishes

  1. Madeline

    You DID blog about it, like Jane said!
    Very clever of you. Could your autobiography be next?

    I wondered if you thought we had forgotten your birthday
    since we waited until today.

    I do hope it was happy, Pat!


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