Go vote now; it will make you feel big and strong.

By Jane Callahan

As I’ve watched the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates over the past month—and especially the post-game analysis afterward—I have tried to tune into different TV stations.  Last night I watched the debate on CNN that included a real time graphing of the reactions of Ohio undecided voters.  This reminded me of those long ago talent or beauty contests where the host would put his hand over the  contestants’ heads and the audience would applaud for the one they liked the best.  Granted, this graphing is much more sophisticated but it is essentially the same idea.

The candidates got especially high marks during the discussion of education!  Senator Obama specifically raised up early childhood education as a core component of his overall education plan.  And Senator McCain discussed his interest in looking more closely at Head Start with the goal of improving services.  Senator Obabma also talked about the importance of adequate government funding for education programs – including those serving children with special needs.  It was very affirming to hear the candidates discuss these education-related issues during their last debate.

For me, the debate’s frosting on the cake was Bob Schieffer’s closing comment: “Go vote now… it will make you feel big and strong.” 


4 thoughts on “Go vote now; it will make you feel big and strong.

  1. vwbusguy

    Yeah, I was thrilled the debate actually turned out to be about issues and specifics to them, especially education, healthcare, abortion, and economy. I’m glad that not all the time was spent with more of the fluff and attacks that we had in the past ones, although they were still around.

    Maybe now we can vote based on issues and not just rumors and advertising after last night. 🙂

  2. Christi

    You’ve got to wonder what would happen if those graph results were piped into the candidates ears as they talked. Would they realize that certain topics fall on deaf ears? Would they boost their talk about education and downplay the political mumbo jumbo…? I have to admit that I fast-forwarded past all of the “Joe Plumber” references. I will still vote!

  3. Sue Stepleton

    Our terrific receptionist Carla just came in and told me she went to her first political rally on Sunday – and took her granddaughter with her. They had to walk a long way and wait a long time, but seeing the candidate was a thrill that neither of them will ever forget! She said she also always takes her granddaughter with her to vote and lets her stand in the booth with her. What GREAT role-modeling!!

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