Blogging as communication

Our communications director is on my case about blogging!  She nags me, gives me examples, suggests topics, sends me articles about why busy CEOs absolutely can and should find time to blog (my most frequent excuse is that I don’t have time).  I LOVE and live by email and I THINK I would love blogging, too, as soon as I get it into my routine.

What are your thoughts?  Since many readers here are Parents as Teachers-related in one way or another, what – if anything –  would you like to see me blog about?



2 thoughts on “Blogging as communication

  1. aunteee

    I would love to hear real-life stories of how Parents As Teachers has impacted children, parents, schools, and communities.

    There must be thousands of these stories, and it would make your job a little easier since you won’t have to write all the content yourself – other people can submit their stories to you!

  2. Christi

    Authentic information about where early education is heading… and how those of us with older, school-age children can support the next generation of parents.

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