Look who’s in your corner!

They say every successful initiative has a champion. In Bowling Green, Kentucky, kids have a champion in Nancy Booth. Her Parents as Teachers program has received $26,000 in grants recently, and much of the credit surely goes to Nancy.

In 2006 her program’s major funding source changed its primary focus and pulled the funding from her Parents as Teachers program. Nancy refused to accept that as the end and began writing grants and request letters, ultimately resulting in the $26,000 influx which turned the program around.

As she herself points out, it costs only $1,500 to provide Parents as Teachers services to a family for a year. Her program is serving just 13 families (with others on a waiting list), and will now be able to add more families, including some whose children have special needs.

Times are tough; we all know that. So kudos to the Bowling Green Junior Women’s Club, Sam’s Club, People’s Cash Advance, Community Collaboration for Children, Build-a-Bear Bear Workshop Hugs Foundation, Lil’ Angels Attic, American Legion, WNKY-TV, Houchens IGA, WHAS-TV Crusade for Children, Kentucky Colonels, Disciples Response Fund and Kappa Delta Sorority Shenanigans for stepping up to the plate.

Pssst: there are 3,000 other Parents as Teachers programs around the country that could also use your help!