What body part grows to three-fourths of adult size by age 2? Your child’s brain!

By Jane Kostelc

Parent educators are masters at gathering resources for families, and I get a lot of requests for Web sites, books, and articles on different topics.  I’m a big believer in sharing information and resources.

Today I found a good, brief discussion on early brain development on BabyCenter.com. Check out http://parentcenter.babycenter.com/0_your-childs-growing-brain_3659067.pc. Be sure to go to some of the other brain related artilces linked to this one on the Baby Center Web site. There’s also an interactive diagram that labels different areas of the brain and details their functions. When you run your cursor over the caption, you get more detail about that region. Pretty neat. http://www.babycenter.com/inside-a-childs-mind-a-visual-guide