It’s your day, Parents as Teachers!

Tomorrow tens of thousands of Parent Educators and more than 3,000 organizations offering Parents as Teachers services worldwide will get their due: recognition, appreciation and acknowledgment for being there for America’s young children and their families. Saturday, November 8 is National Parents as Teachers Day!

Parents as Teachers families are talking about their Parent Educators, and they love you. Here’s just a sampling of their blogs:

  • Gage’s mom blogs about her Parent Educator, Rebecca.
  • Logan’s mom blogs about his first Parents as Teachers home visit.
  • In her blog, Parent of a Child with Albinism, Lyra’s mother describes how her Parents as Teachers program’s weekly play groups are helping other children get to know Lyra and learn about albinism BEFORE she enters school
  • Ella’s mom blogs about her “PAT person, Ann” who has helped her remember that Ella is right on track, and gives her ideas for things to introduce to Ella to help her continue to develop appropriately.
  • Rylie’s mom is excited about the new Parents as Teachers program starting in her area. “Best part of all Parents as Teachers IS FREE !”
  • Max and Mason’s mom even has pictures of their Parents as Teachers activity, “All Things That Go”!
  • And check out the photos on Flickr of Making Playdo with our Parents as Teachers Ms. Judy. (That looks like fun!)
  • Alyce’s dad got some great advice from his Parent Educator Ms. Cathy about developing social skills.
  • Mia’s mom heard about Parents as Teachers through their Lamaze class and signed up right away. “I’m a huge fan of this program!”

On behalf of Gage, Logan, Lyra, Ella, Rylie, Max and Mason, Alyce, Mia and about 300,000 other kids around the country, thank you to each and every Parents as Teachers Parent Educator on National Parents as Teachers Day!