Changing the world for children

Parents as Teachers National Center President Sue Stepleton accompanied Dr. Edward Zigler to New York last week where he received what’s hailed as the “Nobel Prize for Children”—the World of Children Award. He was joined by seven other incredible changemakers from Brazil, Uganda, Palestine, Ethiopia and the United States.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Dr. Zigler revolutionized the field more than 40 years ago by helping to found Project Head Start. About 25 years ago he was instrumental in developing Parents as Teachers, an organization that invests in children by helping parents realize the important role they play in their child’s development. Just this year his research on 7,000 Missouri kindergarteners revealed just how close Parents as Teachers can come to closing the achievement gap between poor children and their peers. The number of children who have benefitted over the years from his insight, dedication and perseverance is mind boggling.

Dr. Zigler continues to be an active voice on the board of directors of Parents as Teachers National Center where he is a lifetime member. The World of Children is the only global recognition and funding nonprofit recognizing people who are changing the lives of children around the world.