Item #1 on a proposed agenda for the new administration

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Yours is a big job and we realize there are many constituents clamoring for your attention just now. We know that some things, like the economy, trump others when it comes to garnering your support, so we thought we’d start a list to help you prioritize some of the biggest issues from our perspective.

1. Expand early childhood home visiting services by enacting the Education Begins at Home Act

Evidence-based home visitation services, such as Parents as Teachers, make a real difference in the lives of children and families by promoting school readiness, increasing long-term school achievement, enhancing parental involvement, reducing child abuse and neglect and increasing health outcomes for children and pregnant women. But only a small percentage of American families are able to receive home visiting services due to insufficient program funding.

This act would establish a dedicated federal funding stream to support quality, voluntary home visiting programs for parents with young children. And rather than requiring all states to offer the same home visitation model, this bill gives states the authority to put into practice a range of evidence-based home visitation approaches that best meet the needs of the families in each state.

First, we recommend that the Obama-Biden administration include the Education Begins at Home Act as a key component of the administration’s early childhood legislative agenda.


Your Parents as Teachers friends