Item #3 on a proposed agenda for the new administration

Dear President-Elect Obama,


Given your and your wife’s busy schedules, did Sasha and Malia spend much time in child care? Perhaps their Grandmother played an active care giver role? The most common type of child care for most American children under 5 is provided by family, friend and neighbor caregivers, which is why we ask. It’s also why we offer this third priority for you:


3.       Expand home visiting services to families facing unique challenges

Family, Friend, Neighbor Caregivers:
Parents choose this type of child care for many reasons, not the least of which is the more flexible schedule for working parents. Despite the many benefits, many of these settings do not adequately address health and safety concerns or provide the enrichment of high quality care settings. Providing family, friend and neighbor care providers with essential child development information and helping them to improve the quality of care and enhance the environment in which children are being raised will also help ensure that children are stimulated during their most important time of brain development. 

We recommend expansion of programs that fund quality home visitation programs, such as Parents as Teachers, to provide Family Friend and Neighbor Caregivers with specialized home visits to support their work.

Your Parents as Teachers Friends