The international world of parenting

I recently returned to St. Louis after visiting our Parents as Teachers programs in Germany. Guess what? They’re worrying about issues very similar to those we worry about regarding parents and young children!

  • How do we best move kids successfully from whatever their pre-school years have involved (stay-at-home parent, child care, pre-school, family/friend/neighbor care) into the formal years of schooling?
  • What can we do to help new immigrant families feel comfortable in our county and help them be successful parenting in this culture?
  • Can Parents as Teachers play a role in enriching child care (yes!) and helping parents feel more engaged in the hours their children are cared for when they are working?

Sue Sheehan, Senior Training Director, and I had great planning time with our German colleagues – learning and teaching on both sides! (Oh yes, we also enjoyed some terrific German sausage and sauerkraut!)