It’s only politics as usual if we allow it to be.

Washington is a happening place these days! True, the economic challenges have taken over as everyone’s center of gravity right now, but there is an air of hope. Of course it didn’t hurt that it was 70° F. with sunny skies when I was there this week. I spent time trying to get a feel for who will be in place in strategic roles in the critical federal agencies and how we get young children, parents and Parents as Teachers on their radar screens. There is a lot of uncertainty about assignments at the moment. But we’re faced with one of those changes which, in our democracy, occur every four to eight years. It’s an opportunity to redraw realities and educate new friends. Do you know your Representatives and Senators? Whether or not they’re new, those players are ALREADY firmly in place and trying to make their own adjustments to changes happening.

We can help them!