Tracking trends in parent education

Recently, we did some investigative work looking into the future of parent education for a feature article in one of our newsletter publications. This seemed a natural direction to go since Parents as Teachers is celebrating its 25th birthday this year…so, what’s next? 

I thought it worth sharing a brief snapshot of what we found to reinforce the fact that families are evolving and their needs are changing, and this is happening in a world that is increasingly complex, fast-paced and demanding. 

We’ve got to keep up by working to educate ourselves about these emerging topics and be prepared with resources to help parents navigate through it all. That’s were working in the home and building quality relationships really makes a difference.

Friend, family and neighbor care: this informal care is the most nonparental source of infant and toddler care across all socioeconomic groups and is growing.

Immigration: the number of immigrants to the U.S. recently reached an all-time high of 37.5 million. According to the Census Bureau, one out of every five people living in the U.S. speaks a language other than English in the home.

The economy:  financial pressures, stress and job loss have a direct impact on families and can be particularly hard on young families that are already stretched to the limit.

Mobility: our society is increasingly mobile, with families moving with greater frequency, whether across town or across the country. This can mean distruption in the extended family, school transitions and community relationships.

Cross-over issues: healthcare and insurance coverage, nutrition, work-life balance, technology, natural disasters and war are all unique issues affecting our youngest children and their school readiness.


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  1. devery danforth

    Do you know of any education/life tracking tools for parents to organize their kids education, school activities, school lesson plans, maybe even college saving? Their lives are much busier than when I was a kid and since this is the era of tracking tools, there must be something out there for parents. HELP.

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