What is Idaho’s governor thinking?!

With overwhelming bi-partisan support, the Idaho legislature just passed the Parents as Teachers Support Act (House Bill 245) which would provide statutory authority to establish a foundation for Parents as Teachers in Idaho through the Children’s Trust. Unfortunately Governor Otter just vetoed this bill earlier today

The legislature can vote to override Governor Otter’s decision with a simple vote by the House and Senate.  Both chambers have already voted in favor of this bill (Senate: 28 – yes; 6 – no; 1 absent and House: 59 – yes; 10 – no; 1 absent).

  • Parents as Teachers services were drastically reduced in Idaho due to action taken by Governor Otter shortly after his election into office.
  • Parents as Teachers produces real results for Idaho children and families by improving school readiness and continued academic success, increasing parental involvement, reducing child abuse and neglect, promoting better health and identifying health and developmental issues at an early age.
  • This bill is budget neutral – it just establishes a foundation for future Parents as Teachers operations.  Both Chambers have already voted in support of this bill.

Please contact your legislators, Representative Lawrence Denney, Speaker of the House, and Senator Robert Geddes, President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

  • Ask them to schedule a vote in the House and Senate to override the Governor’s veto.
  • Ask themto vote in favor of the bill when the override vote is scheduled. Because the legislature is nearly done with their session, it is critical that you reach out by close of business on Tuesday April 21.

    If you aren’t sure which representative and senator represent you, visit: http://legislature.idaho.gov/who’smylegislator.htm. Or call your Idaho legislator at 208-332-1000 or through the Internet at http://legislature.idaho.gov/howtocontactlegislators.htm.

In addition to contacting your local representative and senator, contact Speaker Denney’s office at (208) 332-1111 and President Pro Tempore Gedde’s office at (208) 332-1300.