Of tweets, texts, blogs and posts

Julie and I spent the day with a roomful of communications professionals all eager to learn how to leverage online communication to build better relationships for our organizations. We all know e-communications are integral to our organizations’ strategic business planning, but it can be frustrating, time consuming and challenging to keep up with it all.

What’s the biggest problem e-communicators face today? Desensitizing our audiences by sending them 1) too many messages, 2) messages that aren’t relevant (did you know it takes just 2 to 5 non-relevant messages from you before recipients begin to ignore you?), or 3) messages that are simply without heart or personality.

That means organizations have to learn to write differently. (Did you know the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism is offering its first new major in 50 years called “convergence journalism” to train upcoming journalists in the specialty of writing for today’s e-media?)

We have to get feedback from our audiences about what kind of information they want and how they want it provided. What’s your preference? How do you like to get information from the National Center for Parents as Teachers? RSS feed, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blog, Web site, e-mail, text messages?