Money matters!

Who’s really to blame for the mortgage meltdown: Wall Street or Main Street? On some level, it comes down to a crisis of financial literacy, doesn’t it? Household savings were up 6.9% in May, but it’s been a hard habit for today’s young parents, far removed from depression-era money matters, to develop. Money matters.

MoneyMatters_Book_72Like most parenting practices, the way our own families manged money affects how we think about money. Parents as Teachers, along with a lot of other economic education experts, is trying to help young parents take control of their money so they can take care of themselves and their children. How parents spend their money directly affects whether or not they’ll meet their goals for their family. Money matters.

Repps Hudson reports on KWMU that many agencies and programs are requiring home buyers to take a money management class before they sign a mortgage contract. Money matters. Parents as Teachers can help.