Going social

The other night I peeped into #resourcefulmommy to see what @stlcaverly was up to and felt like I had stepped into a secret underground world. There were so many tweets they kept crashing Tweet Grid and Tweet Deck! What amazing energy and positive vibes these gals gave off as they tweeted for prizes and to up #resourcefulmommy’s trend ranking!

Many of them were already in Chicago for the BlogHer09 Conference. These mommy bloggers really know how to have fun!

Yesterday, a group of us at National Center for Parents as Teachers sat in on a webinar sponsored by Education Week about how schools are using cell phones in the classroom. Even without calling or texting, these hand-held “computers” are helping kids learn in ways their parents never imagined! Interestingly, in comparison group tests those students using cell phones to learn actually learned more than their counterparts.

My own inbox has been brimming with invitations to social networking and social marketing webinars, teleconferences and online training classes. I’m on social media overload! Is this a trend that will soon pass? Or is it really the wave of the future? And how long can we keep up the pace? Tweet me your thoughts @psimpso.