Are you an online donor?

Charity or nonprofit, three cities stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of online giving. Alexandria, Va., Cambridge, Mass. and Minneapolis topped the list as the nation’s most generous cities based on per capita giving in 2008 and are well on their way to topping the 2009 list, too…at least acccording to Convio, a company that helps nonprofits with online marketing, fundraising, advocacy and constituent relationship management.

St. Louis, home to the National Center for Parents as Teachers, the nation’s largest home visiting organization, ranked six in generosity among cities greater than 100,000 in size.

Donors are increasingly turning to the Internet to build and manage relationships with charities. National Center for Parents as Teachers, for example, recently increased its Facebook fan base by 20% over a single weekend. Each of these fans represents a potential advocate, donor, supporter.

Life, whether we like it or not, is moving online. Nonprofits/charities who know how to effectively manage online relationships stand to gain not only dollars but sustainability.