What women want

Women now drive the world economy. So says a new Harvard Business Review article by Michael J. Silverstein and Kate Sayre that profiles the female economy and marketers’ lack of attention to this growing market.

Women represent the world’s largest, fastest-growing market, they say…a bigger opportunity than China and India combined. Yet few companies do their homework when it comes to analyzing this target market. If they did, they might have found what Silverstein and Sayre did: women feel underserved, undervalued and underestimated in the workplace. They juggle demands of work/home/family/parenting with little support from their employers.

Constance Van Flandern turned the spotlight on Alpha Moms, those educated, tech-savvy, Type A moms focused on raising the brightest kids, in a 2007 article in USA Today. Alpha Moms are skills multi-taskers, but even they tap into the support network of Parents as Teachers.

“My parent educator helped me see my child through a different lens,” one over-extended mom said. “What I saw as behavior problems she helped me see as my child’s unique social skills and strengths. I didn’t have time before; now I make time.”

Parents as Teachers is one simple, low-cost, innovative way for companies to support their parenting employees through parent education. Any creative company can easily find ways to provide its employees with Parents as Teachers services through corporate programs, on-site child care centers, company-funded mobile parenting vans, or even company sponsored personal visits with certified parent educators.

Working women will soon outnumber working men in America. Many of them will be  looking for help to create a better balance between work and family. (You can take an abridged version of the Silverstein/Sayre survey yourself at www.womenspeakworldwide.com.)