Putting proper punctuation in its place

Grammar Girl, where are you when we need you? SPOGG (Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar), why do so few appreciate you?

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Individually, a misplaced comma or parathetical phrase might be overlooked. But collectively, these emissaries of style spell trouble!

Just as great designers make the end result look spontaneous and effortless, form, punctuation and grammatical style make all the difference between  ho-hum writing and a well-tended image.

Part of my job is maintaining the brand or image of Parents as Teachers. The way we present ourselves, right down to the capital letters and periods may be nuances to some but to others their misuse stands out like overused clichés.

I do my share of proofreading so when I recently corrected some improper capitalization and punctuation on a document sent to me for editing I was taken aback to hear a colleague tell me, “That came from the company’s Web site. I’m not changing it because that’s the way the company wants to present itself.”

Wow. Made me wonder how others perceive Parents as Teachers. How do the little things like grammar, punctuation and writing style contribute to your company’s image? Does anybody care?


2 thoughts on “Putting proper punctuation in its place

  1. Linda Pederson

    I read and gather information and the details are important. Typos and “gaffs” are distracting from the message unless the message is …”whatever”.

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