Dear Governor Nixon,

“I have to say I am so disappointed that you are trying to cut the PAT budget. I am 23 years old and I have a 3 year old daughter. We have been so lucky to have parents as teachers in our lives since I was pregnant with our daughter. I come from very humble beginnings. I am trying to break the cycle with myself and my daughter. I want her to have the very best, and I know that that starts with me. Without PAT I dont think I would have even known where to start. I find comfort in knowing that I have our teacher to turn to for help and support any time I need it. This program is so important for people like me who never really had a good role model…this program helps me be a better parent and I am so thankful for that. Our children are our future and we need PAT to give them the very best head start in life!”

Sincerely, Concerned Mother (Columbia MO)
Submitted through Parents as Teachers StoryFront


2 thoughts on “Dear Governor Nixon,

  1. Nacole

    I was heartbroken to hear of the budget cuts for Parents as Teachers. I’m 31 years old with a 22 month old son who is in PAT program. My son has progressed greatly with PAT and loves his visits from his teacher. I don’t know where my son would be without their help. Our children ARE our future…but what are you doing to their future by cutting what they need NOW? I understand that even states need budgets for I’m a single mom, so yes I know about budgeting. But my budgeting doesn’t exclude my son, it includes him. I think that the state government would INCLUDE Missouri’s children and their future instead of excluding them. There are many parents just like me that not only rely on PAT’s help but appreciate them. I have learned so very much from PAT on how to help my son more with his developmental skills. My son can’t speak for himself…so I’M his voice. We NEED PAT’s help in order to help Missouri’s children, including my son.

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