Thank you, Parents as Teachers!

“I am a school psychologist with a Missouri public school system and that is how I first heard of the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program. I also have received my Master’s degree in Autism through the University of Missouri. After becoming pregnant and having our son, my husband and I decided to sign up with the PAT program to get important information on his development as well as get screenings conducted for him. I believe I have a lot of knowledge about child development but when it’s your own child, sometimes you can’t see everything that an outsider would be able to see.

Our PAT parent educator has been amazing; she has offered support in EVERY area! It’s been amazing to see how involved she is in our son’s life. I’m very thankful to her.

Being a school psychologist with our school district, I see so many parents who tell me that the first time they heard there may be something “wrong” with their child’s development was by their parent educator. They were then referred for outside evaluations and received early intervention for their son or daughter. Early intervention is so key for developmental delays. Early intervention opens doorways for treatment and knowledge. This will then in turn lead to greater outcomes for these children. I’m so pleased I get to be apart of this wonderful program.”