What is Parents as Teachers up to?

The board of directors of this national organization is meeting this week and one of the things they’ll be doing is a gut-check.

Let the PAT Board of Directors hear from you Thursday night on Twitter between 7:30-8pm CT by posting to #PATboard.

Foreseeing both challenges and opportunities resulting from a changing economy and emerging demographic shifts, the National Center developed a three-year strategic plan to enable it to grow, expand and respond to key trends over the next several years.

With funding from Annie E. Casey Foundation, the organization delved into the changing needs of the organizations and families it serves and took a fresh—and critical—look at Parents as Teachers.

The Plan
The three-year strategic plan has some key areas of focus central to positioning Parents as Teachers as a leader in the upcoming years. Families are the top priority:

  1. Increase the number of programs and families served through new products and delivery systems—with an emphasis on vulnerable families.
  2. Implement comprehensive quality improvement and evaluation systems to measure and share the impact of Parents as Teachers.
  3. Promote public policies to advance the Parents as Teachers mission and provide funding for Parents as Teachers programs.
  4. Increase recognition and understanding of Parents as Teachers.
  5. Create the necessary technology infrastructure to support the growing needs of programs and program evaluation.

The plan includes a heavy emphasis on vulnerable families, fidelity and funding. The environmental scan, analysis and discussions with board identified these as critical to the sustainability of the organization.

The Outlook
In an environment where accountability and efficiency are increasingly important, Parents as Teachers will be responding by:

  • developing new materials and curriculum that address specific situations for families.
  • training and equipping professionals to serve families within a framework that encourages access, consistency, reporting and quality.
  • investing in technology infrastructure.

Parents as Teachers serves more than 330,000 families across the country each year, many of whom are in vulnerable situations—from abuse to autism and from developmental delays to teen parents.

  • Last year, more than 60 percent of families receiving Parents as Teachers services were vulnerable families.
  • More than one-third represented minority populations.
  • Many were families whose first language was not English.

The organization is at the very beginning of this journey and expects this strategic plan will lead Parents as Teachers to a new level of leadership.


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  1. Jane Paine

    I believe firmly that PAT is literally saving the lives and futures of many of our young children. I know personally what a difference it makes in the lives of families because I have some grandchildren who are Pat children and others who are not fortunate enough to have had the experience. We need to strongly support this program.

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