We’ll show you 154,000 reasons to fund Missouri Parents as Teachers programs!

More than 154,000 Missouri kids received Parents as Teachers services last year.  Almost 16,000 supporters have joined the SAVE MO Parents as Teachers Facebook page started by a mom who happens to love what Parents as Teachers does.

Parents as Teachers gets Missouri children ready to learn.
Among poor children in Missouri who participated in both PAT and preschool:

  • 82% entered kindergarten ready to learn vs. 64% of non-PAT/preschool children
  • 88% reached a benchmark level of performance on the MAP Communication Arts test vs. 77% of non-PAT/preschool children
  • 82% were ready for kindergarten vs. 81% of their more affluent peers who had neither preschool nor Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers is in touch with Missouri’s neediest families.

  • PAT programs serve more than 54,000 high needs Missouri families
  • Parents as Teachers is often the only connection for Missouri’s isolated rural families
  • The vast majority of Missouri Parents as Teachers programs serve rural and small town communities.

Parents as Teachers keeps Missouri children healthy.

  • PAT detects possible developmental delays. The cost savings to the state are profound. If a child can avoid even one year of special education, the state saves an average of $3,700 in education costs.
  • Last year alone, Missouri parent educators identified almost 15,000 situations in which referrals to medical or other professionals were made.

If America were a business, early childhood education would be a high-priority investment. Budgets in our state are strained, and  many critical initiatives are fighting for funds.

Missouri’s children top the list of those worth fighting for.


2 thoughts on “We’ll show you 154,000 reasons to fund Missouri Parents as Teachers programs!

  1. Celeste

    Please fund MO Parents as Teachers, I’ve had two premature infants, both of which have greatly benefited from the PAT program. PAT helped me be aware of milestones and assisted me in parenting skills to assure my children hit those milestones. PAT was started in MO due to low state school test scores, so why cut funding now??? Let me know where I can email state legislatures and I will do so, this program must not be cut!

  2. Pat Simpson Post author

    Celeste, you can email your legislators through the Parents as Teachers web site’s advocacy action center at http://bit.ly/9N2rra.

    Thanks for the powerful story and strong voice of support!

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