Parents as Teachers does that!

For 25 years, Parents as Teachers has studied, collected and shared with parents across the country information to help them get their young children off to a good start.  

MARCH 2009
study of 7,000 Missouri kindergarteners by Yale University’s Dr. Edward Zigler was released in the Journal of Primary Prevention

Its finding? “The first nine months are the most critical. That’s why home-visiting programs that start at birth are needed.” 

Parents as Teachers does that!

Nobel Laureate Economist James Heckman told Missouri business leaders, “If society intervenes early enough, it can raise cognitive and socio-emotional abilities and the health of disadvantaged children. Early interventions promote schooling, reduce crime, foster workforce productivity and reduce teenage pregnancy.”
 His main point? “These interventions are estimated to have high benefit-cost ratios and rates of return in the range of 7-10% per annum.
Parents as Teachers does that!

The Millennium Cohort Study of 15,000 children was released, highlighting the importance of early screening for developmental delay at ages under one year.
Its finding? “Children who do not reach key developmental milestones at just nine months old are far more likely to struggle at school.”

Parents as Teachers does that!




2 thoughts on “Parents as Teachers does that!

  1. Cindy

    Why did National center allow a picture of a Parent Educator playing with children while Mom sat across room and watched to be put in Post Dispatch? As a Parent Educator for 17 years, I was saddened to see our program misrepresented in this way!

  2. Pat Simpson Post author

    The National Center doesn’t run the Post-
    Dispatch. As a news outlet, the newspaper sends its own photographers to document stories. One of the purposes of photographs is to generate discussion about the story. This one seems to have served that purpose even though it doesn’t accurately depict the way most home visits are conducted. Thanks for your comment, Cindy.

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