Say it ain’t so, MO!

Money must matter more than minds. Unable to look beyond the immediacy of next year’s budget, or perhaps too impatient to wait for young brains to turn into income-producing taxpayers, Missouri is telling parents,  “Figure it out for yourself!” as it looks at Parents as Teachers budget cuts.

Doesn’t everyone know how to parent?
Several years ago this thought-provoking line caught my eye in one of Fast Company’s blog posts: “Have you ever found yourself taking for granted that everyone else knew exactly what you knew and didn’t begin to think that might not be the case?”

So it is with Parents as Teachers. But in the rush to balance budgets and pare costs, many Missouri legislators are slashing their own futures.


1 thought on “Say it ain’t so, MO!

  1. Byron

    The fact is, quality education, and successful early childhood development is central to the issues of economic growth. It actually is is future. So much more to say on this but we need to communcate with lawmakers directly.

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