On the subject of Julie…

My daughter was married last week. Yes, it was beautiful and yes, I cried. But I was even more touched to receive a note from her boss, Fritz, in the mail yesterday.


Bride and Groom

Onward Julie and Ryan!


Julie must have great parents. I have a strong belief we are where we come from…our morals, our values, come from our roots and our family. In the case of Julie it is all about integrity, fairness, quality and style, an independent voice and a working together spirit. The values that often come from the example set by our parents. Nice job, mom and dad.

Neither my husband nor I could have imagined the impact we would have on Julie and her brother when they were born. Parents are, indeed, their children’s best first teachers.

I’ve never met Fritz, but I like him already. 🙂


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  1. Fritz Johnston

    I’m honored to be a part of your site and through Julie a small part of your family. I often say to my staff that we spend as much time together as we spend with our families.

    Some point in our future I hope our paths cross.

    Until that time.

    Onward Family.

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