If it were your child, how much would you pay?

Screening infants for hearing, vision and developmental delays is critical.

Each kind of brain development has a different “window of opportunity.”  When a window is open, it is easy and natural for a baby to learn.  But once a window for a particular ability has shut, it is much harder. . . if not nearly impossible . . . for a child to learn this skill.

While this mother and child are not in Parents as Teachers, you can’t help but smile as 8-month-old Jonathan hears his mother’s voice for the first time…and imagine the different future that will unfold for him.

Last year more than 227,550 children received health and developmental screenings by Parents as Teachers parent educators … 34,851 of those children were identified with possible problems and referred for follow-up services.

The price of Parents as Teachers to these families?



2 thoughts on “If it were your child, how much would you pay?

  1. anonymous

    I love this program, but I already pay for it. My taxes pay for it. Why would I pay twice for it? In all reality, yes, I would be willing to pay an ADDITIONAL fee on top of what I already pay through tax dollars, but that is not the point. Why not cut things like swimming, or golf and divert money back to programs like music, art, parents as teachers, and summer school. Since when do football games help our children on SAT tests?

  2. Christina Loeffel

    I would pay for it. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my son to be able to put a sentence together. He needs this program. I would pay for it.

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