Are you rich?

Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu is on the list. Iceland’s Thor Bjorgolfsson is not. Bill Gates made it again. Russia’s Boris Berezovsky dropped off. Americans Warren Buffett and Isaac Perlmutter are there but Saudi Arabia’s Maan Al-Sanea is gone. We’re talking about Forbes magazine’s World’s Billionaires list.

Want to find out where you rank among the world’s richest people? Check this Global Rich List. Its creators, Poke (a London-based creative company) wanted to help people realize just how well off most of us are…and to redress the balance by giving some of that extra money to a worthwhile charity.

Parents as Teachers builds math and science skills

Enter Parents as Teachers. Around the country, each Parents as Teachers program is supported in a variety of ways, including through grants and private foundations.

But behind them all is the nonprofit St. Louis headquarters, enabling every one of them to help their communities partner with parents to prepare children…especially those in vulnerable circumstances…for a stronger start in life.

Support for Parents as Teachers national center comes from individuals like you who believe in supporting those who support children and families.

This is Ella with her mom Kim. She’s one of many Parents as Teachers kids around the country learning basic math and science concepts at BlockFest with tools provided by the St. Louis headquarters.

Where do you stand on the global rich list? And what are you going to do about it?