Put your money where the results are

Have you been watching the stock market lately? How about that British Petroleum stock? It’s at $29.20 as I write this; on April 14 it was at $60. I know one 86-year-old stockholder who refuses to give up his BP credit card even though he doesn’t drive any more.

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It’s no surprise that so many people put their money where their hearts are. In fact, new research from YouGov indicates that people are more inclined to make a decision on which charity to support based on the heart rather than the head.

  • Only two-thirds would move donations away from a charity found to be performing badly.
  • Less than 20% would be more inclined to give to a charity they knew was performing well.
  • Almost one-third realize their decision is based more on emotions than on rational decision making.

So do donors even care about results? Parents as Teachers sure does. It’s one national organization that not only captures, analyzes and shares data about its service delivery to children and families, but also has a plan to improve outcomes through stringent quality standards.

Do results matter to you? Put your money where it matters.