Week one of a Parents as Teachers internship

by Jon Mueller

Parents as Teachers national headquarters

This has been my first week as an intern at the Parents as Teachers national headquarters in St. Louis. I’m working with the Marketing Communications team (and believe me, they work me!) Bear with me on the blog post, this is my first one. 

I was surprised to find out how small the staff here is;  just three people keep this function going, so my work is essential to helping them do what they do. Some of the areas we work on include internal/external communications, media relations, special events (I learned we have a conference to plan!), and the web site. Probably the biggest project is the rebranding of Parents as Teachers which I really excited to play a role in. 

They gave me a cubicle on my first day to give you a glimpse of how important my work is. The staff here is great and very helpful. I am surrounded by women for six hours a day and am one of just five males who work in this office. This might scare some men but I feel confident that most of the ladies like me!

Jon's fan club

What I have learned thus far:

  • I am horrible with names.
  • I don’t like to spend money on food, but I don’t like to fix my lunch either.
  • Free internships have their perks. (I’m building a portfolio, getting lots of good advice and meeting lots of professional contacts.)
  • My building has one floor and is kept at a very cool 15 degrees; bring a sweater if visiting.

I am very excited to have this opportunity and have a lot to learn. Wonder what next week holds?


Jon Mueller is a senior at the University Missouri-St. Louis where he will graduate with a degree in communications in August.


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  1. Madeline

    Wish I had a fan club. It’s fun working with you, Jon, and great of you to increase the office’s male population. Keep up the good work! Madeline

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