I can’t hear you!

Greg called me the other day. He provides a service we use occasionally and wanted to update me on some new offerings. He and his family participated in a Parents as Teachers program with their children. “I’m a big supporter of Parents as Teachers,” he told me. “You do great work and my wife and I really believe in what you do.”

Is he telling them about Parents as Teachers?

Did you voice your support to your legislators when they were debating state budget cuts to Missouri’s Parents as Teachers programs last month, I asked? Greg laughed, embarrassed, and admitted he had not.

True, thousands called or e-mailed their legislators to voice support for Parents as Teachers as Missouri focused on cutting its budget for Parents as Teachers. But that was then. This is now.

Wonder if they're discussing Parents as Teachers?

How many Parents as Teachers “supporters” continue to voice their support publicly? Or are we back to complacency: my voice doesn’t matter, it obviously didn’t matter to Missouri legislators, what’s done is done, there’s no impending issue right now.

In fact, there is! $1.5 billion of federal funding for home visiting programs (that’s what Parents as Teachers is) is about to be awarded to states. But states have options about which home visiting partner(s) they choose to spend their allocation on.

If your state’s families are going to have access to Parents as Teachers services, it’s critical to keep the conversation alive.

Are you a Parents as Teachers supporter?
How are you showing it?


2 thoughts on “I can’t hear you!

  1. Sue Stepleton

    Of course I LOVE this blog. And to add another thought: This morning I saw a political ad and the candidate noted that he would be working to restore the cuts to Parents as Teachers. This man needs votes! And other candidates need to have us ask questions about what THEY are going to do for young children and PAT if elected.

  2. angela m abnos

    I just would like to mention that so far Missouri or at least the KCMSD PAT has not hired anybody to work in the PAT program therefore we parent educators will continue our advocacy to the proggram as individuals but have no way to contact our families to let them know about this new funding so they can pledge and advocate with us. Sincerely. Angela Abnos

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