It’s the economy, stupid!

It was the catch phrase used during Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, and it’s still the economy almost 20 years later. How do we create not only jobs, but the skilled workforce to fill them?

This is tomorrow's workforce!

PNC Bank gets it. They’re already putting money into early childhood programs with an eye toward the future.

Why are business leaders so slow in recognizing the benefits to be reaped from early childhood programs, I asked Rick Sems, president of Missouri banking at PNC Bank. “To think that you have to be looking over a 20 year period…is very difficult for businesses to get their hands around,” he said.

  • Minnesota business leaders told Minnesota Public Radio this week that educating preschoolers, primarily those from low-income families, has to be a state priority. What can be done, what would it cost, and who would pay for it? [listen

    Early childhood IS the economy.

  • Stop investing in stadiums and start investing in kids, says Art Rolnick, Senior fellow at the Humphrey Institute in Minnesota and former research director at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. It has a much higher return on investment!
  • To keep kids in school, we have to keep them out of jail! Mike Ramon, former Deputy Director with the U.S. Marshals Service, called Parents as Teachers “quite possibly the most cost-effective crime-fighting tool available to the American criminal justice system.” These two law enforcement officers in Maine agree early education reduces later crime in this article out this week.
  • In Colorado, executives partnering to invest in children are going one step further by offering this toolkit to help employers be part of the solution to enhance Colorado’s early childhood environment.

“There are many projects out there, but few have the rate of return of early childhood investment.”