What’s happening at Parents as Teachers?

For more than 25 years Parents as Teachers has been held up as an international model for home visiting, a strengths-based model with an instructional focus on child development. Studies published in peer-reviewed journals show statistically significant and sustained effects.

Now a new Parents as Teachers approach is offering changes that will ultimately offer better outcomes for children and families. We asked Kerry Caverly, Parents as Teachers director of replication, training and technical assistance, to explain the two new pathways to Parents as Teachers.

Q: Can you explain the difference between foundation and model training?

Foundational Training is three days dedicated to learning about the theoretical framework of Parents as Teachers and its application to practice, with emphasis on  parent-child interaction, development–centered parenting, and family well-being.

Model Implementation Training incorporates the Parents as Teachers Quality Assurance Guidelines and offers strategies and evidence-based practices that help your organization fully understand and bring to life quality Parents as Teachers services.

Q: Parents as Teachers is already an evidence-based program with proven results. What has triggered the change in direction and the need to retrain parent educators?

Most funders now require programs applying for funds to define the evidence-based practices/program/model they will use. There is an expectation of fidelity to the chosen program/model.

With the 2011 Quality Assurance Guidelines and the Essential Requirements, Parents as Teachers has positioned itself to be able to help existing programs move to model fidelity by July 2014 while ensuring all new programs will do so with fidelity from inception.

This new approach provides a broader context of parent education and family support by building protective factors, especially for those families in vulnerable situations. The new approach also moves materials to an online format, allowing parent educators easier use and access.

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