What is it about Parents as Teachers?

For more than 25 years, Parents as Teachers has supported parents and famlies as they guide their children’s growth and development in the critical early years. Each year, Parents as Teachers affiliates and programs serve more than one-third million children nationwide, many of whom are in vulnerable situations or represent minority populations. 

Now, a changing economy and demographic shifts have increased the focus on accountability and efficiency. So Parents as Teachers is looking at the changing needs of organizations and families, and emphasizing services to vulnerable families. We are:

  • developing new products to address demographic shifts and specific family situations
  • emphasizing training that encourages access, consistency, reporting
  • implementing quality improvements and evaluation systems to share the impact of Parents as Teachers
  • investing in technology to support program growth, evaluation, information dissemination

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We take seriously our role as the trusted resource for the most respected organizations and professionals who serve the evolving needs of families…and on supporting them as they help young children grow up healthy, safe and ready to learn.