Building an experience that sets Parents as Teachers apart

The following article first appeared in the Spring 2010 Parents as Teachers News

It happened again this week. I decided to try an alternative to my favorite “brand” because advertising promised me a “better experience at a cheaper price.” But guess what? It didn’t deliver. I offered gentle but specific feedback about why I was disappointed. My experience wasn’t terribly bad; it just wasted my time since I now have to go elsewhere for the missing items this “brand” couldn’t provide.

That’s the kind of feedback we recently solicited from decision-makers around the country as well as from a handful of parents about Parents as Teachers.

  • What do we look like?
  • Is that how we want to be perceived?
  • What things about Parents as Teachers have to change so our brand’s “promise” is what people really experience?

How we express our brand is critical in telling our story and in building an experience that sets Parents as Teachers apart. 

One of the strengths of Parents as Teachers is our ability to help professionals do their jobs better, whether they sit within a County Health Department or a school district, whether the families served are teen parents or grandparents, whether they provide home visits or care provider visits, in urban areas or rural communities. Each is different, yet the same! 

Parents as Teachers is the trusted resource for early childhood and education professionals who bring information and support to today’s parents, families and children, especially those in vulnerable circumstances. 

If your program uses the Parents as Teachers name or logo, by extension it benefits from the reputation we build on your behalf. When we talk to the media or to national foundations or to folks on Capitol Hill, we’re building the Parents as Teachers brand and you benefit by association. 

Moving forward as we look at how we structure our brand, you’ll begin to find even more benefits to being fully affiliated with Parents as Teachers through model fidelity and quality compliance. The only time a brand truly fails is when it fails to deliver on its promise. We’re working to make sure the Parents as Teachers brand promise delivers!