Does early childhood education really affect a child’s potential?

by Stephanie Brown

Yes! says a recent study. Published in the Journal of Early Childhood Research, this study found the quality of a pre-school significantly predicts a child’s educational success. This study of more than 3,000 children examined the children’s daily interactions related to literacy, numeracy and science education as well as how well the pre-school responded to the diverse needs of the children.

The results? Children who went to low quality pre-schools were no better than children who had never attended pre-school in terms of cognitive development and behavioral skills.

What does this mean? Not all early childhood education is created equal. Not only is it important for parents to do their research when choosing a pre-school for their child, but it’s also important for our child care professionals and teachers to be well trained.  Parents as Teachers offers quality training for child care providers and pre-school teachers.

Parents as Teachers is here to support the early education and development of children. Join us in making sure that all children are offered the best early education possible!

*Stephanie Brown is an intern with Parents as Teachers and a graduate of Maryville University.