Would you call in your Facebook chips?

Facebook just released their 2011 stats and they add up to opportunity.

  • More than 500 million of you are active Facebook users. 
  • On average, each of you have 130 friends.
  • Half of you log into Facebook every single day, but you 250 million mobile users are twice as active!

Eugene Kim might look at this as “collective intelligence” or the concept that none of us is as smart (or powerful) as all of us. According to Kim, the value of a network scales exponentially with size of network. Think of it as the “Facebook Principle.” Each time you add a friend, the potential value of your network goes up exponentially, not incrementally. Have you ever needed to call in those chips?

What if you called on the collective power of your Facebook network to meet one big, hairy, audacious goal or as Kim suggests, a “wicked problem”? What if one of your 130 or so Facebook friends called on you for help?

What if it was Parents as Teachers?