Let’s get creative!

“Creativity is the freest form of self-expression and, for children, the creative process is more important than the finished product.”

Creativity and Play: fostering creativity

Creativity promotes mental development in children by giving them opportunities to be imaginative and problem solve.

Joel Henriques created Made by Joel to share “handmade education” arts and crafts for children and parents. He keeps it simple by using materials most parents can find at home and encourages parent/child interaction through his art projects.

We were all once children, it’s just that we learn to lose the pathway to wonderment and impossibility. Side by side collaboration between adults and their children can become the meeting point for unprecedented creative voyage.” Jo Pollitt and Lily Blue of BIG Kids Magazine

Here’s one of his newest project ideas!

But creativity really takes off when you share ideas with others. So Joel encourages others to share their project ideas here and use them to connect with other parents and children.

What are your favorite learning resource sites for young children?

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Stephanie Brown is a graduate of Maryville University and an intern at Parents as Teachers.