Internships mean business

by Jacob Kirn

Internships are big business. Check out these search engines, blogs, and informational sites, all helping to guide college students into their next resume-building opportunity.

These resources made me realize just how many students are out there and how important work experience is…at least if you want to find a job after graduation!

I was initially hesitant when my career services counselor  at University of Missouri suggested that I apply for an internship at Parents as Teachers.

Kids? Nonprofit work? What does it have to do with journalism?

But I’ve found a great experience full of meaningful writing opportunities. I wrote press releases, working closely with state leaders and governments in over a dozen states. I wrote blogs in this space and learned the importance of hyperlinks. I wrote feature stories, including a tale of activism that showed me how passionate people are about this organization. I wrote and wrote for six weeks here in my own cubicle.

I’ve gained a lot of respect for nonprofit work this summer, especially because you all are almost as stressed out as a newsroom, which is definitely saying something! Keep on keepin’ on.

Jacob Kirn is a journalism major at University of Missouri-Columbia. He interned in the communications department at Parents as Teachers for six weeks this summer.