Why Parents as Teachers Foundational Training?

by Stephanie Brown

At its core, Parents as Teachers is relationship-based and parenting-focused: Parents as Teachers is brought to families in their own homes by trained parent educators whose goal is to help them build on their own strengths. But not all those working with families have the right tools to do that. Enter Parents as Teachers Foundational Training.

Helping parents learn how to support their children’s development has its benefits.

Just as its name implies, Foundational Training builds the foundation for home visiting as a strategy within the early education system and covers three key topic areas:

  • Parent-Child Interaction – Learn about the change process and how to use reflective process to engage parents in their growth
  • Development-Centered Parenting – Seven developmental topics that inform parenting decisions are covered here. Learn to understand parents’ perspectives and to facilitate their ability to problem solve.
  • Family Well-Being – Achieve greater understanding of each family’s system and partner with parents to strengthen protective factors.

Need to add home visiting tools to your toolkit? Register for Foundational Training, or if you’ve already taken it, tell us what you think!

Stephanie Brown is a graduate of Maryville University and an intern at Parents as Teachers.